Our Trainers

Tony Bourland In 2009 I suffered from obesity. I weighed in at about 315. My goal was to get fit and do it quick. I had an extremely supportive girlfriend, Holly Rosen, who is now my wife, and couple of friends that were trainers who worked out at the gym. With their knowledge and my determination I hit my goals and more! I lost 75 pounds and entered my first modeling show ever. This journey inspired me to help others and go back to school to finish my degree. I received a Bachelor of Science in pre-athletic training at the University of Arkansas. I’m CPT certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have a certification as a L1 Trainer in CrossFit. I have been training for about five years and teaching CrossFit for about four months. My goal as a trainer is to give back what I was given in my journey to fitness. The comradery of Cross Fit is unique and the will to succeed is contagious. Every day I am humbled by my own workout or the programming we have set for our athletes. Our mission here at Hog Wild is to help anyone achieve their fitness journey. I promise that you will be the most fit you’ve ever been here at Hog Wild CrossFit!!! 5….4….3….2….1…..Have Fun!!!!!!